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Your website requires a whole
lot more than plain old pages.

Your business may need an online shop, email
marketing, contact form with notifications,
and/or a tightly integrated customer database.

A website Designed to Sell - using best practices in web architecture
  • Designed to ensure strong first impression, engagement with visitors, and effective Call-To-Action elements.
  • Clearly and precisely convey your business/product’s value proposition.
Easy to use, highly advanced Content Management System (CMS)
  • Manage your website with an easy to use online interface.
  • No coding required - click and edit web pages exactly how they are published.
Search Engine Friendly - Integrates with Google/Yahoo/Bing sitemap
  • Daily feed of all content within website is produced for maximum exposure in search engines.
  • Search Engine Friendly URLs mean your online business can be found with ease.
  • Designed to rank better on Search Engines.
Built-in integrated Customer Relationship Management Database
  • Every interaction your customers have with you business is logged for unique profiling and history records.
  • Edit and sort customer details, all from one simple to use, central interface.
  • Monitor and control cases, orders, access privileges and subscriptions with ease.
POP Email - Use with Outlook, MacMail or another popular email program
  • Web mail interface.
  • Unlimited Aliases for each mailbox.
  • Catch-all address.
  • Out of Office Auto Responder.
  • Mail Forwarding.
Cater for the demand for optimised experiences on mobile devices
  • optimised web pages for the smaller screen - simple, easy to navigate and to the point.
  • mCommerce capabilities, Google Maps, custom videos.
  • Extend your reach beyond the desktop and onto smartphones and tablets.
  • Make your website appealing to customers “on the go”.

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