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Online Strategies for Less than $1

- Friday, September 30, 2011

SOS Development has this week announced the release of its latest eBook: Simple Online Strategies: Your Online Survival Kit, written by its Marketing and Production Director, Mr. Boon Yang.

The eBook was officially published on 21st September as a detailed guide to assist Australian business owners increase their success online.

Simple Online Strategies offers a simple set of steps for Australian businesses in the form of an ‘online survival kit’. The eBook discusses proven strategies that assist businesses in conquering the online market, and outlines helpful steps explaining how to harness specific tools to build on a business’ current advertising presence.

Author of the eBook and Marketing and Production Director of SOS Development, Mr. Boon Yang, says he’s chuffed about the release and that the eBook presents an exciting opportunity for SOS Development to not only reach out to Australian businesses, but also showcase their online marketing services.

“We’re giving business owners a straightforward and valuable guide for success in the competitive online market, with no strings attached. It’s a bonus for us that we can offer services for potential clients at the same time,” Mr. Yang says.

Simple Online Strategies emphasises strategies that ensure sustainable business growth, with the firm belief that quick-fix solutions are short-term and, essentially, a waste of time and money – a belief that is also shared by SOS Development.

The first chapter plainly outlines the essential platforms to utilise to develop an effective online shop front, as well as helpful tips about how to maximise a business website’s level of engagement and appeal to potential clients.

The eBook also highlights the best ways of building credibility online from elements such as usability and design of a business website, to both the current and the potential level of expertise and influence a business can have.

The most fundamental goal of online business is discussed in the final chapter: Driving Traffic to Your Business. The eBook explains the importance of online traffic and how best to optimise websites through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

The eBook comes as a way in which SOS Development is seeking to not only assist its own clients, but also reach out to other businesses that may not have the resources to recruit online marketing services, but do have the resources to purchase an inexpensive eBook.

The eBook is available on Amazon Kindle devices and via the Kindle for Mac App for US $0.99 with free international wireless delivery via Amazon Whispernet.

You can download the eBook here.

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