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7 Steps to Successful Online Advertising

- Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Online marketing company SOS Development is proud to release its online advertising cheat sheet this week to aid businesses in kick starting successful advertising campaigns.

Despite the highly competitive nature of the advertising market, the company saw a gap in the industry where there are companies that will develop web campaigns for clients, but few provide a step-by-step strategy that allows businesses to make a start themselves.

According to the company, many businesses fail to identify their core message and ideal outcome before spending on advertising. These businesses adopt the mindset of spending and hoping for the best. The new SOS Development cheat sheet has been designed to counteract these effects, and provide a fixed method for engaging in successful marketing ventures.

The cheat sheet has been developed with 7 steps in mind to assist businesses.

The first step is the development of a clear and defined Unique Selling Proposition (USP). The USP must make a proposition to customers, not merely use buzzwords and fancy product praising. This step provides an anchor for the remainder of the process.

The other steps of the cheat sheet can be summarised as follows:

  1. Be specific about the products/services you are promoting
  2. Clearly define your desired outcome
  3. Clearly identify your target audience
  4. Clearly define your key competitors
  5. Track every single effort
  6. Scale up the winning campaign

These steps have been carefully formulated with sustainable business growth in mind, an area in which SOS Development specialises.

SOS Development’s Business Development Director, Mr. Robin Ooi, says that this move allows the company to speak to all manner of businesses.

“The cheat sheet is about helping businesses that want to start their own advertising ventures, and letting them know that we are here to assist them when they require a more comprehensive service,” Mr. Ooi says.

A key message of the cheat sheet is to not fall into the trap of looking for the ‘magic pill’ solution to attempt to solve the problem overnight, but to commit to proven, laid-out steps that will add to your business’ success.

The cheat sheet details just a fraction of the strategies that SOS Development utilises to drive business growth and sustainability for its clients.

The full 7 Steps to Successful Online Advertising eBook can be found here.

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