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Lead Machine

The ability to generate a consistent, reliable and cost-effective flow of targeted leads is the hallmark of a strong, successful business.


Educated, Motivated Leads Delivered To Your Business Everyday On Autopilot

If you knew that every week you would have a certain number of people interested in your products or services knocking on your door, what would that mean for you.

Your work would become fun, your future exciting and you could realistically plan the growth of your business.

So after you have EXPOSED your business to your target market and driven quality TRAFFIC to your site, how do you get these people to contact you and become a Qualified Sales Lead?

This is done by providing value, painting a picture of how your solution can improve your prospects lives, removing all obstacles and making it EASY for your prospects to say YES.

Yes... I would like some more information
Yes... I would like a free consult or report
Yes... Please explain how you can help me

Every industry and every target market responds to different offers and different marketing messages at this stage of the sales funnel.

At SOS Development we have been working with business owner just like you for many years developing and implementing custom lead generation strategies that work for all types of businesses, no matter how big or small, and no matter you think works in YOUR industry.

Web Diagram

Web Diagram

Our Lead Generation Systems Help You...

Receive more qualified leads, sometimes within just days

Educate and motivate prospects so they are easier and less time consuming to eventually sell to
  • Position yourself as the industry expert
  • Nurture and communicate with leads to ensure no-one slips through the cracks, even if it takes months to finally convert them into a sale
  • Completely outsource your entire lead generation and nurturing system to us, so you can spend your time dealing only with ideal prospects and building your business
  • Continually monitor and improve campaigns to lower your advertising costs and improve conversions

Learn how we can improve your LEADS

If you think more qualified leads would be good for your business but are not sure if this is right for you, Contact Us Now. We can arrange a chat with our lead generation specialist to see if we are a good fit and explain what type of lead generation strategies are best suited to your business.

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