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Why Internet marketing is more effective than traditional marketing

Admin SOS Development - Tuesday, September 09, 2014

A lot of small business owners in Brisbane are quite sceptical when it comes to Internet marketing. They do not understand how it can help achieve growth and increase in revenue and profits. Some also believe that they do not have time to manage it and believe it is a waste of money due to experiencing less return from other advertisements such as traditional media. However, it can be seen that Internet marketing should not be ignored as it can provide numerous advantages if it is performed effectively. These include:

Reduced Cost

Marketing and advertising through the internet is only a fraction of the cost of traditional media such as television, radio and yellow pages. There are many different ways to achieve long-term results through internet marketing that do not require a cent to be spent. For example, small businesses in Brisbane are able to register for a free listing on Google which has become even more effective than the yellow pages. Search-engine-optimisation (SEO) does not require any money to be spent and Pay-per-click advertising will allow you to save large amounts as you are able to experiment with small ad volumes until you perfect your strategy.

Everything is measurable

Traditional marketing is quite difficult to assess, and many business owners may just assume it is measured through sales. However, all internet marketing efforts can be tracked and analysed in detail to calculate your return on investment (ROI) and show just how effective your strategy is. For example, this can all be determined through the Google Analytics tool which is free for all users.

Long-term exposure

An Internet marketing campaign will also help you to achieve a long-term return on your investment as your website will be visible on established search engines such as Google. This will allow for you to continually attract traffic to your website without having to spend a cent.

Demographic targeting

Internet marketing campaigns provide the ability to target specific demographics and locations in comparison to traditional media which is quite broad. This enables for business owners to target their ideal target audience so they are able to receive the most return on their investment. Marketing and advertising to the wrong audiences may result in money being wasted, which is why the internet is a great medium for marketing to your desired audience.

Brand engagement

The internet also allows you to establish and maintain a positive brand image for your business which can result in greater customer loyalty and repeat transactions. This can be done through a website, as well as social media where you are continually communicating with your customers to keep them engaged with the brand. For example this can be achieved through posting content that is interesting and relevant to your audience.

As you can see, Internet marketing should clearly not be ignored as the benefits that are provided are significant. It will ensure that your business is achieving growth, increasing its revenue and profits, as well as receiving most return on investment (ROI).

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