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What online marketing is in plain language

Boon Yang - Thursday, June 14, 2012

For many years we have been comfortably generating business, making do with maintaining our annual yellow pages listings and occasional newspaper Ads. Then came along the internet and things were no longer the same. We are contstantly being told that we must conduct online marketing as this is where our customers are now. But what is online marketing? And where do we start?

Online marketing is the process of promoting and selling products or services using the internet.

Online marketing requires you to first understand the internet and how it affects the behaviours of your prospects. Identify the most effective method/combination to reach your market and then implement tailored advertising.

There is a difference between marketing and advertising. By blindly engaging in the typical SEO or “Adwords” you are not neccessarily marketing; you are merely using an online advertising tool. You must conduct in proper marketing to determine the most effective advertising tools to use inorder to meet your marketing goals. There are many methods in advertising and the combination in which you should use it will be determined by your marketing strategy. Put simply, marketing is the process of working out your desitination and determining which path to take; Advertising is the vehicle(s) to get you there.

The rise of the Internet has seen the rise of many new successful businesses; however, it has also seen the fall of many powerful corporations. this is because some have responded effectively with this marketing evolution where as some have not responded properly, or have not even responded at all. The internet has opened up many opportunities for the introduction of new products and services and have conversely made some existing products redundant.

It is widely acknowledged today that there is a great need for online marketing and businesses have indeed made the efforts to adapt. But the reality is most conduct merely in some sort of online advertising rather than proper online marketing. Then they wonder why it isn’t working.

Below are our definititions of the two concepts:

Marketing - identifying, anticipating, satisfying customer requirements

Advertising - an announcement of a message intended to persuade viewers to make an action

Working out what type of advertising to undertake may seem confusing, but it’s not as complicated as it appears once you understand that it is determined from your marketing strategy.