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5 ways to market yourself better on LinkedIn

Admin SOS Development - Tuesday, February 03, 2015

LinkedIn has been regarded as the best way to market yourself professionally, especially as the social network has grown significantly over the past few years. The social network almost has 200 million unique visitors per month, and it is likely that it will continue to grow. There are many different ways that a professional can market themselves on LinkedIn to prospective employers. Here’s how:

1. Take advantage of LinkedIn’s CRM features:

LinkedIn is primarily focused on building relationships with other professionals. Taking advantage of the social network’s fairly robust CRM tools will make this a whole lot easier. For example: LinkedIn allows you to make notes about a person on their LinkedIn profile and set reminders to follow up with a prospect.

2. Get noticed by being active:

Sharing relevant content with your audience prompts them to continue to see and recognise who you are. This is a great way of marketing yourself professionally as it makes you seem a lot more credible than other users. It provides the opportunity for a professional to engage and interact with their desired audience.

3. Leverage LinkedIn Pulse:

Although LinkedIn is primarily a networking tool, it has also become an effective platform to publish relevant content. It allows for professionals to market themselves to others and expose themselves to larger audiences. This opportunity should not be ignored as it increases the likelihood of professionals being exposed to recruiters and potential employers.

4. Gain greater visibility with slideshare:

Slideshare links index very well when it comes to search engines such as Google, as they usually rank higher than LinkedIn or Facebook. Because of this LinkedIn purchased Slideshare in 2013 and has offered great integration capabilities. Slideshare is also free and beats a lot of other SEO strategies in an easy and natural way. It allows for professionals to share quality content, and as we all know, Google loves great content which means it will result in naturally higher rankings.

5. Have a plan:

This is probably the most important one of the bunch. There are many different ways to market yourself on LinkedIn, however it is very important to have a clear strategic plan in place. It is important to plan what you want to do with the social network and what you plan to achieve. Once this has been determined you can then tailor your tactics on LinkedIn to ensure your strategy is successful when it comes to marketing yourself professionally.

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